Pacific Palisades Vacation Home Rental Market

(For homeowners looking to rent your home, CLICK HERE for Pacific Palisades vacation rental market information.)

For anyone looking to visit Los Angeles on vacation and spend some time on the West side on Malibu Beaches, the Santa Monica pier, Third Street Promenade, or Venice Beach they ought to take a look at Pacific Palisades.

This is an affluent neighborhood of about 27,000 residents. It’s one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles county, the air is clean and traffic is sparse. The traffic issue is important if you are planning on spending some time at the beach because traffic can really jam up on the 10 freeway and along Pacific Coast Highway. By staying in Pacific Palisades you can bypass the gridlock and take a quick drive down and park at the bottom of Temescal Canyon as you visit Will Rodger’s State Beach.

Or if you like hiking you can drive to the top of Temescal Canyon and visit Temescal Gateway Park.

Los Liones Canyon Trail is another favorite hiking trail of the locals.

Besides the usual vacation rental home websites you might like this vacation rental home with 3 beds and 2 baths.  The lower priced homes in this area typically rent for about $9,000 to $10,000 per month. It sure beats staying at a hotel like Shutters, which might run you $588 per night during the Summer for a room with just 2 double beds.

As far as shopping and restaurants Pacific Palisades has 3 grocery stores and quite a few tasty restaurants.

Maybe the best thing about Pacific Palisades is the mild weather. Summers never get scorching hot and Winters never get as cold as the San Fernando Valley or inland areas. In fact most homes in Pacific Palisades don’t even have air conditioning. The residents that do have AC will tell that they only run it a few days out of the year. For the most part having a fan keeps you plenty cool.


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