Another amazing Ebola health worker story so stupid that it’s true!

Now they are saying that this health worker apparently handled Duncan’s bodily fluids. So where does he / she go?

ON A CRUISE!!!! [Cue alarm bells and screams of horror!]

I see homeless people who I am certain have more common sense than health care workers with degrees.

This worker is said to have been “self-monitoring” and only since last Monday! Apparently “self-monitoring” includes getting on a ship with lots of people. Just brilliant!  And this worker is said to have handled the bodily fluids 19 days ago, yet only began self-monitoring 5 days ago! This health worker is almost as dim-witted as this Amber V who (it would appear) believed that the CDC could somehow test her for Ebola over the phone by asking her a few questions and so she got straight on a plane with that low-grade fever. I have every reason to believe that if a super virus ever emerges, it WILL take out most of the population. Our heath care system and its workers are too inept to react to anything. Time to buy a ranch out in the hills with a stockpile of food and water. This will be the only way to survive the stupidity of mankind.


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