Wide Open Flights from West Africa to the US!

Let’s review how the first Americans became infected with Ebola..  The Obama administration inexplicably allowed an infected man to be brought into the US. Could have been prevented.

Let’s review what the Obama administration has done to stop more Ebola patients from getting into the US? NOTHING!

Their reasoning? So that we can screen people from these countries WHEN they get here! LOL.

First of all, does anybody trust our screening process? No. It’s already been proven to be a failure. Look no further than the case of Duncan the Ebola patient and his now infected nurses. Right out of the gates we’re already 0 for 1.

Seconds of all, if we were to ban flights from West Africa, who is gonna travel to Mexico and then hire a coyote to sneak across the desert to get here from Africa? Just about nobody! 1 in a thousand maybe? This immediately stems the tide of people coming from West Africa. Now let’s assume that 1 in a hundred thousand people who want to come to the US have Ebola. It’s basic elementary math that says that by stemming the tide of travel to the US you greatly reduce the odds that an infected patient makes it in.


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