Amazing health car industry ignorance about Ebola

If I get a fever within 20 days of being around an Ebola patient this sets off the alarm bells. How does this nurse get on a plane? Forget about what the CDC told her on the phone. YOU CAN’T TEST AN EBOLA PATIENT OVER THE PHONE!!!! HELLO!!!! Did this nurse have an Internet connection? It took me 2 seconds to find this website.

One of the symptoms of Ebola is — you guessed it — a fever!

Now they are saying that she had a LOW-grade fever. So what!!! How do you get to a high-grade fever? You can’t get to 102 from 98.6 without getting to 99, 99.1, 99.2, 99.3, etc.

Just some amazingly colossal stupidity going on.


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